Jiřina Rejentová

From my childhood I was interested in the technique of braided lace made by-hand, so from my 10 I attended bobbin lace work courses.

In 1993 I graduated The Apprentice Training Centre in Hronov, specialization - laceworker. Then I worked in a firm named „Vamberecka krajka“.

From 1993 I have my own business and I am booming. My specialization are bridal, ceremonial and party jewelleries. I design them, make a drawing and produce them all on my own. I use various kinds of materials and they are toning in colours. I often add some pearls, (glass) beads and more precious gems. It depends on my client´s request. I continually innovate and widen my designs and models. My lace jewelleries are in a high-quality, I take heed to originality and my customers are very satisfied.

In 2009 I have received the certification and trade-mark „ The Original Product of the Eagle Mountain“. And I was a winner in the festival of lace work in Vamberk, the Czech Republic, June 2009. I had the most interesting presentation of my products.

Although the braided lace made by hand sounds like a very old-fashioned word, I can realize it in very interesting and modern style.